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Flowers with hemp CBD Organic, 100gr

€ 10,95

Loose hemp leaves and flowers of certified organic fiber, 100g


With this bag of loose hemp leaves and flowers, you can have multiple sides. This bag contains 1.9% CBD.

You can, for example:

  • make a cup of tea.
  • Make a relaxing bath.
  • Use them as herbs while cooking
  • making of incense.
  • Itself as a herbal extract.


Strength: 1.9% CBD
Farm Guide: 100gram
Best before: See Package


Time to relax? Take some time for yourself?

Then this product might be something for you. We all know that hemp is soothing. It is also a source of various cannabinoids and anti-oxidants. This product can be taken daily, tasty as "moment for yourself."
One bag contains 1.9% CBD and can be used to make a delicious cup of relaxing tea.

This product is 100% organic. There are no color or flavors  added in the making of this product. So you can be sure that you have a 100% organic product fair and what is healthy for body and mind!

For making tea:
You have 1 gallon of water requires about 5-10gram hemp flowers. Leave it up to fifteen minutes or less, withdraw.

Does not contain THC! Allergen-free and vegan!

All products of Medi Hemp have called COA (certificate of analysis). The products do not conform to anything to such a high standard and are therefore strictly monitored regularly. Are you curious about the certificate on your product? Look at your product from the batch number and click HERE to see the certificate ...


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